The Triott Group is a holding company with six operating companies: Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Wynveen International, Inteqnion, TSC, PTN and Almex.

Each operating company specializes in one or more aspects that play a role in the fitting-out of plants for the production of animal feeds (including pet food and fish food). These include silos and machinery for the production, processing and packaging of animal feed and the automation of the plant. The Triott Group is also active in the bio-energy sector.

The unique properties of each operating company result in maximum synergy that has benefits at both machine level and for (large-scale) turn-key projects. Each operating company is and will remain responsible for its own operating activities. This applies to new construction, renovations and modifications.




Ottevanger Milling Engineers, established in 1909, is one of the leading European companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plants for the grain processing and compound feed industry. Over the last few decades Ottevanger has carried out a large number of projects worldwide: equipment and installations for mixed feeds, premixes, additives, aqua feed, pet food, flour mills and the processing of grains and seeds.

Our expertise based on many years of experience and know how make Ottevanger the ideal partner for realisation of your project. From basic design through to turn-key delivery and training.


Wynveen International BV is a Dutch company, leading in the fields of design, production and erection of both complete feed production plants for farm animals, fish, shrimp and pets, as well as its key equipment and systems. Wynveen International has a long history in manufacturing equipment for the feed industry.

Wynveen is located in Heteren in the Netherlands, close to Agricultural University of Wageningen. All the primary functions of Wynveen such as sales, engineering, manufacturing, service, R&D, testing and administration are being executed from Heteren.


Top Silo Constructions is a silo supplier and has been focusing on the design and construction of rectangular steel silo installations.
The advantages of a square silo are:

  • 25% more storage capacity compared to round > save space
  • The modular construction with variable bin sizes enables you to store different products andqualities in different quantities at the same time at the same place.
  • Integrate square silos seamless in your factory and build around your process. Think about drying, milling, pelleting, mixing, dosing, bulk outloading, refining, coating cleaning and bagging.
  • Square silos can be constructive part of your building. There is no separate building required. Machine floors, stairways and cladding can be connected directly to the silo.

As a square silo manufacturer TSC has completed numerous projects around the world. These product prove our knowledge in the area of bulk and solids storage, day in day out.


Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN), specialists in the development, production and servicing of pelletizers and related machinery for the production of animal feed. Our products can be used for a wide range of applications. As a globally operating, specialist manufacturer of pelletizers and related machinery it is our ambition to expand to become the most respected professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Since 1974 PTN has been active on a global scale in the development, engineering, production, sale and servicing of pelletizers and related machinery for the compound feed, recycling and biomass industries.


Knowledge, quality and craftsmanship

Inteqnion is an innovative and dynamic company, which is specialized in design, manufacture and implementation of control systems in the processing industry. The main reason for working together with Inteqnion, is that we can offer professional solutions at an affordable price. Inteqnion is a no-nonsense organization with over 30 professionals, who have years of experience within the process industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in the processing industry, Inteqnion is an experienced and reliable partner, which delivers state of the art customized solutions.


Almex is the specialist for single screw extrusion equipment, from the extrusion unit to complete installations.

Almex started early 1970’s with repair and installation of extruders. For use in Europe these units needed much modifications, so we decided to design and built in the Netherlands a complete range of extruders for 500 to 15.000 kg/hour capacity. These extruders did find their way to clients worldwide. Today the largest extruder has a diameter of 400 mm, a barrel length of 4800 mm and a drive of 500 kW.

Almex extruders and Contivar Expanders are in use worldwide at fishfeed-, oil extraction-, petfood-, animalfeed plants, the foodindustry and the processing and chemical industries.