Production technology for food

“For food customers looking to store and then integrate smaller volumes of raw materials into their production processes, our modular square silo storage system is a real game-changer.” - Sven Konings, Triott

Increasing the efficiency of global food production is essential if we’re to meet the needs of a growing planet. The challenge for manufacturers? Achieving this safely, consistently and sustainably. The answer: Triott.

We design and manufacture production technologies like dosing, storage (including square silos) and process control & automation systems for a growing number of food and beverage applications including cereal and flour processing, coffee roasting and brewing. It’s all delivered by a dedicated team that’s fully in tune with the strict safety and hygiene demands of the industry. So why not get a quick flavor of what Triott could do for you?


Cereal processing

From rice extrusion in Thailand to full containerized flour and feed mills, our team brings you a unique blend of engineering experience and food industry expertise – including the strict hygiene and safety standards that go with it.

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In food & beverage processing, our steam injection and liquid dosing technologies deliver a consistent, safe and sustainable finished product that meets the highest hygiene standards. It’s all supported by a Triott team that works with our customers worldwide, round-the-clock

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We know that storage is a huge challenge for products like fine wheat flour, where the risk of wastage and contamination is especially high. Which is why food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly turning to our flow-improving square silo systems, based on a simple, modular design in fully recyclable steel that increases capacity by up to 25%. Our experienced team will work with you to create a 100% safe product that integrates better into the wider production process giving you total peace of mind.

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Process control & automation

We’ve been automating not only flour milling equipment but entire flour factories and their underlying processes for decades now – worldwide. Our process automation and control systems give you unprecedented visability and transparency across your production environment, connecting the operation through customized software that’s easy to use and configure.

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