Production technology for the future

“Over the past decade we’ve seen demand rising for a wide range of different biobased pellets for use in the power industry. Not only can we meet this demand, we do it reliably and energy efficiently.” Marty van Benthum, Triott

At Triott we’re continually looking ahead for new industries and segments where our team and technology can make a difference. From soybean processing that creates valuable plant-based protein to the biobased pellets that form a viable alternative to fossil-based fuel sources, our production technology and expertise can give you an all-important competitive advantage.

Oil seed processing

As demand for vegetable protein soars, we can help you get maximum nutritional value from oil seeds with our family of chemical and mechanical-based processing technologies. From soybean to canola (rapeseed) to cotton and sunflower seeds, our team will enable you to retain the goodness while minimizing Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANFs) – for example via specialized thermodynamic processes.

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Our heavy-duty pelleting technologies are ideal for helping you create consistently high-quality and uniform biobased feedstock for the power industry. Our team works to the most exacting standards, supported by some of the most innovative patented technology in the business to create pellets from waste (carpets), paper, wood, straw and manure.

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Chemicals & bulk handling

In storage, our unique square silo systems can be tailored to a wide range of products from printing ink powder to plastic, to cement, gravel and sand in the building industry. Based on a simple, modular design and made from fully recyclable steel, this storage solution can increase capacity by up to 25% while improving the flow of materials.

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