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Triott to showcase two unique production technologies at Victam

GrainCam digital imaging solution and Progress MonoRoll HE pellet mill to offer
new levels of milling consistency and energy efficiency in feed production.

The Dutch feed & food specialist Triott will be demonstrating two breakthrough production technologies at the upcoming VICTAM International show in Cologne from 12-14 June – both enabling feed mills to take quality, efficiency and sustainability to the next level. The PTN Progress MonoRoll HE (High Efficiency) is the world’s first and only single-roll pellet mill; meanwhile the GrainCam by Ottevanger is a unique digital imaging solution that gives feed mills unprecedented 24-7 insight into the grain mixing process.

The Progress MonoRoll HE
Strong, sturdy and virtually silent with minimal vibration and much lower RPM than traditional pellet mills, the PTN Progress MonoRoll delivers a 20-25% increase in energy efficiency versus conventional pellet mills. Furthermore, the MonoRoll can achieve a higher output within the same operation period. This way, it drastically improves cost of ownership by around € 33,000 per pellet mill per year* delivering ROI in around three years – based on an indepth
evaluation by industry analysts, IFF from Germany and Zetadec from the Netherlands.
Now set for full commercial launch after several years of intense re-development, the Progress MonoRoll has been extensively trialled. It was live tested in two feed mills on various recipes animal feed, varying from chickento ruminant feed. Thanks to its unique roller angle this technology is not only super-durable but also produces extremely consistent feed with a superior structure. Said Triott Director Erik Ottevanger: “The Progress MonoRoll delivers a unique win-win of increased performance while drastically reducing emissions – thus addressing two of the feed industry’s greatest needs. We will be demonstrating a whole range of production technologies at VICTAM, but we’re especially excited about the MonoRoll – and our innovative GrainCam.”

The GrainCam
The GrainCam is a unique digital imaging solution that monitors everything in the grain mixing process from kernel
size distribution and shape, to cross-contamination, to grain discoloration – a completely new but hugely significant quality parameter for the feed industry. The result: increased product quality and consistency plus improved productivity.
With a resolution of 18 microns, the GrainCam has been piloted this year at the all-important grinding and mixing stage of a customer specializing in chickenfeed (average size, 100 microns). As well as ensuring better milling consistency, the technology has reduced production downtime through both hammermill maintenance and early alerting of sieve
break-down. Furthermore, by automating quality inspections 24-7, the GrainCam has eliminated the need for manual sampling for sieve analysis – and reduced the risk of contamination through physical contact with the batch. “The GrainCam gives feed mills the ability to apply a data-driven approach to product quality based on the simple premise that prevention is better than cure,” said René Ottevanger, Triott Director. Data from the GrainCam has already been used to assess the quality and uniformity of some 100 different recipes, benchmarked against the industry standard. He continued: “We have seen instances where customer complaints and spoilt batches have been avoided by our pilot customer thanks to their ability to identify problems before they happen – including grain
discoloration. The fruit and flower industries have used color as a quality parameter for years now. Now we’re bringing
this to the feed industry.”

About Triott Group
Triott is a 110-year-old, family-run (privately held) business comprising eight complementary companies serving the global feed and food industry: Ottevanger (Milling Engineers); Inteqnion (process improvers); PTN (Pelleting Technology Netherlands); PCE (Pelleting Consumables Europe); Almex (extrusion technologies); Wynveen (milling and mixing specialist); IVS (dosing technology specialists) and TSC (Top Silo Constructions).
Together they have the capability to provide all (or any) elements of a turnkey milling solution, from storage, handling, dosing, milling & mixing solution to pelleting extrusion and complete plant management. According to Triott Director Ernst-Jan Ottevanger, this year’s VICTAM will provide an opportunity for visitors to not only sample the technology, but to meet the people behind it. “At Triott we believe in thinking along with our customers and we cannot wait to share these latest innovations,” he said. “With pressure on feed mills to produce a higher quality product at a lower cost with a smaller carbon footprint, we are convinced they will give customers an all-important competitive edge.”

Triott will be at booth D.31 at the VICTAM International Show from 12-14 June at KoelnMesse in Cologne.
* Tests assume a minimum realizable capacity of 12 t/h for the MonoRoll press. Based on a 22 hour-per-day/6 days-per week/52 weeks-per year operation this yields 82,368 tons per year. In terms of energy gain, the MonoRoll delivers 2.5/3 to 5 kWh/ton. We assume 4 kWh/tonne with a capacity of 12 t/h, with 1 kWh assumed to cost around 10 Euro cents.