Inside knowledge

“It’s been a pleasure working with Triott because of their enthusiasm and knowledge of the business.” - William McAusland, production director, Fane Valley Feedmill (Northern Ireland)

Through our day-to-day work with customers in the feed and food industries worldwide we see a series of recurring and defining challenges. Take the feed industry. With up to 70% of overhead often tied up in procuring raw materials, this makes every possible efficiency gain in daily operations precious.

At Triott, our team can help you tackle these challenges, head-on – from increasing energy (and cost) efficiency, to multi-vendor service, to smart production systems, to safety & hygiene, to better insight through data.

Smart production technology

When you invest your time, money, heart and soul into a food or feed production facility, you want it to last – and that means being firmly in control of everything that happens within the four walls (and sometimes outside). Our process control and automation systems can help future-proof your business and minimize risk and cost of ownership – while maximizing profitability and efficiency in everything from batch control to continuous production to tracking & tracing. And an innovation like GrainCam offers better insight into feed production quality.

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Energy-efficient production

We recognize that food and feed manufacturers are under increasing dual pressure to reduce their carbon footprint yet increase profits. Our energy-efficient production technologies deliver unique win-win by enabling you to do both. In grinding, our unique hammer mills (based on adjustable breaker plates) can deliver greater energy efficiency. When it comes to balancing the health of profits and planet, now you really can do well by doing good. In Pelleting for example our revolutionary MonoRoll HE system can cut energy consumption up to 25%.

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Food & feed safety

At Triott, we put safety first. It’s the right thing to do for our customers, their animals, and our society. For example, our pelleting and extrusion systems use high hydrostatic pressure to tackle microbial contaminants like salmonella with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the finished product. After all, when it comes to safety, why take chances?

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Service solutions

Great products alone cannot solve your greatest challenges. Our service & maintenance team understand the technology. But equally importantly they understand your industry – and are ready to support you wherever you are in unlocking the maximum possible value from your investment in Triott – and indeed all your technology investments. We offer multi-vendor technical support and training, service, and maintenance management and inspections, on-site services, spare parts, components and audits.

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Data Solutions

At Triott, our process automation and control specialists Inteqnion can now connect and monitor virtually all elements of the feed mill operation at the PLC, SCADA and management software levels (with our Batch Explorer system). But what next? In an increasingly competitive industry, it’s essential to continue optimizing and improving. Which is why we are now piloting cloud-based data solutions that take process management and improvement to the next level. These data solutions can collect detailed information on everything in your feed mill or food operation, from cycle time to bottlenecks to service & maintenance. We can then integrate this data via a family of secure, integrated cloud-based databases. Then we present it via a simple and intuitive online dashboard, giving customers unprecedented insight into production performance – and how to improve it further. Would you like to know about how our data services could benefit your operation?

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