Feed, food…and the future

I can trust Triott; which means I don’t have to hire four extra people to do the job. - Jaap Fuite, Gebrs Fuite.

We help customers produce healthy feed and food for a growing world population, efficiently, safely and sustainably. We can plan, build and maintain entire turnkey milling installations; and we provide processing machinery and technology for mixing and grinding, pelleting, extrusion, storage, dosing, and automation & control.

All this is supported by a Triott team that firmly believes in listening to our customers (not talking at them); delivering on our promises (not just making them); tailoring our technology for your convenience (not ours); and tackling the toughest challenges (not avoiding them).


Production technology for feed

We design, manufacture and maintain equipment and complete turnkey installations for customers in compound feeds, bulk, fish feed, pet food, pre-mix & concentrates

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Production technology for food

Our cereal processing, storage, dosing and process control technologies are boosting efficiency and profitability for breweries, coffee roasters, flour mills, and cereal processing

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Production technology for the future

At Triott we’re continually looking ahead for new industries and segments where our team and technology can make a difference. From soybean processing that creates valuable plant-based protein to the biobased pellets that form a viable alternative to fossil-based fuel sources, our production technology and expertise can give you an all-important competitive advantage.

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