Feed markets we serve

At Triott our business is based on a deep, detailed understanding of our customers and their markets – because technology alone doesn’t get the job done. Whether you’re manufacturing compound feed in Europe, cereal in Asia or pet food in America, our team understands the nuances of your market and thinks along with you in optimizing production.

Compound feed

Compound feed is truly the foundation of our business. Triott’s Ottevanger brand has a 100-plus year track record of delivering all or any elements of a complete turnkey feed milling solution - from designing, building and maintaining conventional and containerized plants, to the very latest raw material intake and bulk load-out systems, to mixers, hammer mills, batching equipment and thermal processing.

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Bulk (soybean processing)

As global demand for full-fat soybean protein rises, so too does the need for super-efficient, reliable - and safe processing techniques. We use a unique moisture control method that safeguards against contamination and removes non-nutritional content efficiently to create a consistently high-quality product.

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Cereal processing

From rice extrusion in Thailand to unique, modular ‘containerized’ feed mills, our team brings you a unique blend of engineering experience and food industry expertise – including the strict hygiene and safety standards that go with it.

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Fish feed

Fish (or aqua) feed business is all about precision. How can you squeeze out the highest nutritional value for the lowest cost per kg – while meeting a range of notoriously complex and diverse requirements? Our seasoned team will help you put production technologies to work that create a range of floating, sinking and slow sinking feeds in different pellet sizes and shapes – while being kinder to the environment (and your bottom line) – for example through pelleting mills with lower energy consumption.

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Pet food

Consumers’ love for their pets is greater than ever – and so too are the nutritional requirements for pet food. At Triott, our team has adopted a forward-looking approach based on production plants and technology that meet the growing quality demands of pet owners – from treats and dental products, to GMO-free to vegetarian and gluten-free pet food.

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Pre-mix & concentrates

The key to outstanding product quality is all about the accuracy of the mix – with minimal risk of contamination. This is exactly what our precision technology gives you for demanding premix and concentrate applications, from small mill-and-mix operations to large dedicated feed mills. We can underpin all this with the latest process control technology to maximize your efficiency.

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